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I renewed my license. Now how can I print a copy for my records?


I thought it might help if I posted a quick tutorial on how to print out your license after you renewed it.

First off, you should know that the state doesn’t change your license automatically when you renew.  It could take a few days for the new license to appear on thier website.  Check the date and don’t print or save a copy of your current license if it still shows an expiration date of 09/30/2019.

To start go to:


Next screen: Click on GET MY LICENSE from the middle column titled “Licensed Professionals

Next Screen: Now type in your 9 digit license number.  Do not use spaces, periods or dashes. Type in the last 4 numbers of your SS#. DO NOT TYPE IN YOUR BIRTHDATE. Click Get My License.

Next Screen: You are now on an screen that should have your license info.  Click on View/Print License.

Congratulations! You are now looking at your renewed license, or are you?  Check the date.  If it shows an expiration of 09/20/2021, congratulations again.  That’s your new license.  You can now either print it or download it and save it as a PDF.  I recommend downloading and saving it to your computer.  There should be a download button in your browser.  I would rename the file with your name and remember where you saved it on your computer for future reference.

If you have any problems, either printing or renewing your license, call this number and click on a million automated choices to finally get to speak to someone with a heartbeat.  (800) 560-6420 

Good luck everyone,